Examples of Training

For East Coast Taxis at Whitley Bay http://www.eastcoasttaxis.com/ we provided driver training  addressing communication and maths skills relevant to taxi driving.  We also covered essential legislation and support to enable drivers to study for the six units of the next stage which will be in turn tested via a one day attended session.  The feedback was good with drivers welcoming the relevance of the English language communication test to taxi driving and overall supporting the process of proper regulation of training for the industry.  There was a lot of positive feedback that the resources could be accessed without geographical or time restriction.

For Boro Taxis http://www.borotaxis.co.uk  the same course was managed with similar responses.  The drivers were particularly encouraged that the English and maths were bespoke to their industry which made them relevant.  Further, that the materials and tests were available online so they could study and acquire these in their own time – thereby cutting back on down time and loss of earnings.

“It’s ideal to study on the phone during waiting times.”

“The questions made sense for the trade.”