Kris Beuret (Company Secretary and Board Member)

Kris Beuret OBE, MSc, FCIT, FCIHT, MRS, Director and the founder of Social Research Associates has a special interest in the ways social scientists can work with business, planners, engineers and transport providers to develop policies which are also understandable, acceptable and user friendly to the public.   She has expertise in the part played by perceptions in influencing decisions about the use of transport systems and this has recently been focused on working with business to develop travel plans including lowering carbon outputs and improving driving standards. 

Kris has also advised Government and local authorities on strategic issues such as accessibility and equality issues and has extensive knowledge of the role of taxis in the transport mix.

Kris’s previous experience includes working for the World Bank, the American Senate, the Department of Transport and various universities and in recent years has advised the House of Commons Transport Committee.  She is a Commissioner for the Independent Transport Commission, a Council Member of the National Infrastructure Planning Association and a policy adviser to the Campaign for Better Transport.  Kris has also served on advisory groups for national research initiatives including the DfT Foresight work.  She has written widely on social and economic aspects of transport, made many TV and radio appearances and has authored a number of books - on Marketing in Local Government and on Transport and Public Consultation.