What we do?

As a social enterprise company our task is two fold:

1. To work with decision makers and companies to improve training especially in the taxi industry

To do this we liaise with Government, Transport for London, local authorities, trades unions and businesses. We also provide evidence to Select Committees and legal authorities including the Supreme Court.

2. To improve standards of training by quality control and the certification of providers

To do this we offer flexible access to electronic tuition and test papers combined with two and a half day’s compulsory face to face assessment spread over a flexible time scale.

The course has been designed by experienced transport experts to be user friendly and fit for purpose. Centres providing the course are monitored and accredited via our tough inspection process which allows no opportunity for lowering standards.

The model is the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and like the CPC for freight and public transport is designed to be adopted as a national standard for taxi drivers.